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  1. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    This has to be one of the top ten jokes of the century--- Guest newname must be jesting---“the faith that they were born in….abandoned the faith of your forefathers”? If that is the case, Simeon Uklein and every person who is a member of the molokan community and considers himself “molokan,” including Guest newname, are "apostates" who have “abandoned the faith of their forefathers,” namely---Russian Orthodoxy. And according to Guest newname’s way of thinking, if a Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, Mormon, etc., who was “born into” his respective belief system (Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Mormonism, etc.), but at some point in life, accepts JESUS as LORD and SAVIOR, is born again by THE HOLY SPIRIT/SPIRIT of TRUTH, thereby converting to CHRISTianity, he is an “apostate.” Really….Guest newname’s intelligence has been overestimated---he’s beginning to sound like f/m/p even though a tad more articulate. Goodness, the foolish ideas maximisti foster and entertain….simply incredible. P.S. BTW, those "sinistral molokans," as Guest newname's beloved hero/leader/mentor/shepherd referred to them in his memoirs, were those individuals who opposed the pedophilic megalomaniac's lewd/sinful behavior and demands made upon the young "chaste maidens" (and their parents) on whom he cast his eyes for his fantasy fiefdom aka "New Israel" aka his "Zion" which he attempted to model after King Solomon along with his multiple wives and concubines---and did the right thing to report him to the authorities. That---was the reason for the authorities' involvement and consequently, his incarceration. He went to prison and "suffered" for---women, two in particular, his "first" wife---Stenya/Sterafina, and his "second" wife---Marafina, as he so lovingly refers to them in his unaltered/unedited memoirs---until---they married normal young men---then all hell broke loose, and this too, he spewed in filthy language in his unaltered/unedited memoirs. And to his perverted way of thinking, he believed that in his incarceration [which in truth, was for his lascivious behavior which he attempted to masquerade as "spiritual"], he was "suffering" for---the truth. It is also the reason he was livid with his two so-called "prophets," Emilian and Fetice, who allowed the girls to marry normal young men in his absence, especially after his specific instructions to save them for him since he was their "eternal husband"---all this and more contained within the unaltered/unedited memoirs of an arrogant narcissistic pedophile aka mgr.
  2. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Guest newname, In the process of providing an “accurate” English translation of mgr’s claim in book 10, namely, that the decree/edict originated with and was commanded by---THE SPIRIT of CHRIST---it would be greatly appreciated if you would be kind enough to provide an “accurate” English translation of the decree/edict itself. Here is mgr’s original said decree/edict (two pages---page one: 002.bmp & page two: 003.bmp): 002.bmp 003.bmp Edited book 10 (between articles 17 & 18).docx Accompanying mgr’s originals above is the preceding page (Edited book 10 between articles 17 & 18.docx) from the---published 1928 Russian [second] edition with dhs’ editing “markings.” Please NOTE dhs’ “marking”---SECTION MISSING---between articles 17 and 18 on this page, which SECTION MISSING is of course, mgr’s originals above, confirmed by dhs himself in his 1971 work copy in his preface to this particular section (seen in mgr's originals of the decree/edict above)--- Guest newname may wish to ask himself the question---what does this say about the published 1928 Russian edition from which dhs translated the published English editions (1983; 2005)? If he is honest with himself, he will see and need to admit that obviously the published 1928 Russian edition was altered/edited, and some sections [of mgr’s originals] were entirely omitted (as seen in this one example of many) by spin doctors prior to dhs’ involvement. The purpose of dhs’ 1971 work copy, expressed in his own words on the cover page of his 1971 work copy, confirms this: 005.bmp dhs’ mission was to---compare---the published 1928 Russian [second] edition with---the existing available original manuscripts, and correct---the published writings of mgr, which of course, was the published 1928 Russian [second] edition (shown on the cover page of dhs’ 1971 work copy above), on which dhs made his own editing markings, and from which he translated his “compared and corrected” edited version into English. It is also obvious that dhs’ translated English editions are not “complete error-free” copies by any means, as they too, have been altered/edited and the---SECTION MISSING---text has been completely omitted. So when Guest newname makes reference to the published 1928 Russian [second] edition and/or the published English edition(s) (1983; 2005) as proof text for his argument(s), as he did below--- ---it becomes obvious that he does not know of what he speaks since what he speaks of is not, repeat, not mgr’s unaltered/unedited originals, but the altered/edited forgery that is the published 1928 Russian [second] edition and/or the published English editions (1983; 2005). But translating mgr’s originals above is an opportunity for Guest newname to actually learn the truth concerning mgr’s claims, including but not limited to, the claim in question---that the decree/edict in book 10 came from and was commanded by---THE SPIRIT of CHRIST. And if courageous enough, be willing to compare mgr's claim and the details of the decree/edict with THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, and share his findings with the readers here on this forum. However, unless Guest newname is truly a believer and follower of---THE TRUTH/JESUS (John 14:6a), and HIS SPIRIT (THE SPIRIT of CHRIST aka THE SPIRIT of TRUTH) resides within him, he too, like his predecessor spin doctors aka so-called “elders” (including the “elder-by-default,” dhs), and his maximist brethren---will deny/reject, continue to make excuses, and attempt to camoflauge the ugly facts concerning their beloved hero/leader/mentor/shepherd, etc., etc., etc.---to the extent of disbelieving, spinning, and suppressing the truths of THE HOLY SCRIPTURES ([Western] Protestant and/or [Eastern] Orthodox [minus the Apocrypha]).
  3. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Work, work, work, and more important matters to tend to---you know how that is, Guest newname, right? Where were we? Ah, yes---the “accurate” translation of the prelude to book 10, namely, the decree/edict. Since, in your opinion, the translation provided is sub-standard and doesn’t meet with your approval, please be kind enough to submit an “accurate” translation. Thank you kindly.
  4. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Book 14, beginning with article 3 to the end of the handwritten manuscript (book 14)---in mgr's originals---prefaced below by dhs himself in his 1971 work copy: Due to the length of book 14, beginning with article 3 to the end of the handwritten (book 14)---in dhs’ edited/sanitized second edition (2005 of the 1928 translation from Russian into English (black book)---only the prologue will be posted here. For the entire text, readers will need to go to the aforementioned black book (second edition---2005). The prologue: Please NOTE---the parenthetical insert---(churches)---in the above prologue is not in mgr’s originals; it was inserted by the spin doctors. Also NOTE---in dhs’ edited/sanitized perversion [of mgr’s originals], the given/proper names of mgr’s wives were entirely omitted from book 14; the content describing each of his wives [in the originals] was completely altered (as is obvious compared with the originals); moved to make up the beginning of book 14; divided into Articles 1 and 2; and placed under eighteen Roman numeral headings per article. And---abracadabra! (in its secondary literal sense)---a “new holy book” for mgr’s faithful followers!
  5. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Book 10, between articles 17 and 18---in mgr’s [unedited/unsanitized] originals: Here are articles 17 and 18, respectively, from dhs’ edited/sanitized second edition (2005) of the 1928 translation from Russian into English (black book): Please observe and NOTE---mgr’s unedited/unsanitized original(s) text, between articles 17 and 18 above, was completely omitted in dhs’ edited/sanitized second edition (2005) of the 1928 translation from Russian into English (black book). (More coming.....)
  6. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Great! It appears Guest newname did respond after all---looking forward to his list.... In the meanwhile, the following is something else Ahmed Ulia (Guest newname) may or may not wish to address. Here is the text from both mgr’s unedited/unsanitized originals, and dhs’ second edition (2005) of 1928 translation [of mgr’s originals] from Russian into English (black book)---for comparison: Book 4, article 11, from the beginning---in mgr’s [unedited/unsanitized] originals: Book 4, article 11, from the beginning---in dhs’ edited/sanitized second edition (2005) of the 1928 translation from Russian into English (black book): (More coming.....)
  7. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Included in Ahmed Ulia’s (aka Guest newname) explanation of Ahmed Ulia (mgr’s “new name”), was the reference to Ahmed Ulia's (mgr’s "new name") claim that he was sent by JESUS to fulfill HIS will for---one thousand years: This “one thousand years” of course, refers to the millennial (1000-year) KINGDOM of JESUS [THE] CHRIST found in the book of Revelation (20:2-7). To avoid burdening Ahmed Ulia (aka Guest newname) with the time-consuming task of translating Ahmed Ulia’s (mgr’s “new name”) original unedited memoirs into English (although Russian version is available for posting on the forum upon request) because of his time constraints, an already-translated English version of mgr’s perversion of JESUS’ 1000-year KINGDOM, is provided here---yes, here again is the ugly truth concerning mgr's devotees’ beloved hero/leader/mentor/shepherd, etc., which they cannot nor will not face or fess up to: (The "sanitized" contents from the same books (10 & 14) found in dhs' 1983 translation (black book) will be presented later for comparison with the above unedited text from the originals, as prefaced by dhs himself in his 1971 work copy.) QUESTION: Does the above text even remotely resemble JESUS' millennial KINGDOM as described in THE HOLY SCRIPTURES? If Ahmed Ulia (Guest newname) is willing to provide explanations and/or comments/remarks concerning Ahmed Ulia’s (mgr’s “new name”) perversion of JESUS’ [millennial] KINGDOM as seen in his unedited/unsanitized memoirs above---we are “all ears....”
  8. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    While waiting for Guest newname to respond (or not) to anonymous’ request to provide the eleven (11) books included in his Bible and not in the “Protestant Canon,” let us review his explanations concerning mgr’s “new name” claim (Ahmed Ulia). However, before getting started--- RE: Guilty of ad hominem It would do him good if Guest newname would review his own disparaging remarks: RE: Smearing Not in the least---only stating a precedent set by Guest newname’s maximist compatriots. Since Guest newname made it a point to point out spelling/typos in seeking’s posts---responding in kind, here are a couple of his own for Guest newname to mull over: “….for lack (not lake) of a better word….” “….dialogue regarding those texts I am more than (not then) open….” meaning: in comparison or contrast with---(not then) meaning: at that time; next in time, space, or order; immediately afterward, etc. Now onto mgr’s claims in light of THE HOLY SCRIPTURES. We will begin with revisiting Guest newname’s explanations regarding mgr’s “new name” (Ahmed Ulia), and anonymous’ original question 1) to Guest newname concerning his (Guest newname’s) “new name” (if, as previously stated, presumably Guest newname is a believer), which question is directly related to his explanation of [mgr’s] “new name” (Ahmed Ulia). According to Guest newname’s explanation: Ahmed Ulia is---a name/title of THE HOLY SPIRIT Ahmed Ulia’s [full name] aka Enfayil Savahan Ulia, is---the new name (singular) of JESUS [THE] CHRIST To support his explanation, Guest newname presented the following SCRIPTURAL references: "Then I looked, and behold, THE LAMB was standing on Mount Zion, and with HIM one hundred and forty-four thousand, having HIS name and the name of HIS FATHER written on their foreheads." (Revelation 14:1) "For YOUR own sake, O my GOD, do not delay, because YOUR city and YOUR people are called by YOUR name." (D a n i e l 9:19) "And they shall put MY name upon the children of Israel; and I will bless them…." (Numbers 6:27) If we keep in view Guest newname’s explanation of mgr’s “new name” in light of the SCRIPTURAL references he provided above, and take his explanation to its logical conclusion---the answer to anonymous’ original question 1) concerning Guest newname’s own “new name” (which question he never answered) is---Ahmed Ulia. Why this conclusion? Based on his statements--- ---at least one “new name” of each/every believer would be---Ahmed Ulia, because again, according to Guest newname, that name is “….a name/title of the Holy Spirit….and….the new name (singular) of Jesus Christ”---and in light of the SCRIPTURAL passages Guest newname provided, THE LORD GOD’S people (past, present, future) will bear HIS NAME and THE NAME of HIS SON (JESUS [THE] CHRIST). So Guest newname shouldn’t be taken aback or offended if we address him (and his maximist brethren) by his/their “new name” of---Ahmed Ulia. “A joyful heart is good medicine…” (Proverbs 17:22a) In modern-day vernacular---“Laughter is good medicine for the soul….” P.S. BTW, there is nothing---overtly stated or inferred---in the SCRIPTURAL passages provided by Guest newname in support of his statement---“Each believer also will have various ranks of service and will be called by various new names and/or titles.” This is pure conjecture aka what appears to be “truth” in Ahmed Ulia's world.
  9. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Not at all---just giving you a taste of your own medicine---and a FYI that you're not unique in that everyone has a life and responsibilities that accompany that life. Now---for the readers who may not be aware, would you be kind enough to list the eleven (11) books in your Bible---ones which are not included in the "Protestant Canon"? Thank you.
  10. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Hello??? Guest newname??? Are you there???
  11. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Guest newname, Your most current response will be taken as a "green light" for a serious discussion concerning mgr's memoirs. Prior to actually doing so however, a qualifying question must be answered by "your kind"--- Do you accept and believe THE HOLY SCRIPTURES (Old & New Testaments---66 books/40 authors) to be the inerrant infallible word of THE LORD GOD, and the final authority with respect to---absolute truth? P.S. With reference to your statement: The condescending "hedging your bets" type of statement above is typically made by mgr's devotees like yourself in order to justify their retreat and/or silence when their arguments in defense of mgr's claims are proven by THE HOLY SCRIPTURES to be erroneous/false. Which raises the question (and yes, there will be questions throughout our exchange)--- Why are you participating on this forum at all (when there are "more important things in life to attend to")---what is your objective/purpose in doing so?
  12. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Guest newname, It appears you are "making a mountain out of a molehill" regarding your reluctance to respond to a couple of very simple questions, but be that as it may, if you feel it is that "relevant" to "you" because you do not know where anonymous' questions are going, so be it---your deal is your deal. If as you say, you agree that a serious discussion regarding mgr's memoirs should be examined from the Russian text alone, why the wariness of anonymous' question 2)? Why not a simple honest/truthful "yes" or "no" response? In which case if a "yes," there would be consideration by anonymous in dialoguing concerning mgr's claims, and if a "no," there wouldn't be---no need to exaggerate the matter. In fact, the truth of the matter is that the question was posed for the very reason of determining whether or not a serious discussion with you (one of a number of mgr's devotees that has come onto this forum) concerning mgr's memoirs is feasible. Would you have responded if the question were more detailed, and s-p-e-l-l-e-d out the reason for the inquiry---e.g., Do you read Russian/Cyrillic, and if so, are you able to translate it into English? I-f y-o-u d-o, d-i-a-l-o-g-u-i-n-g c-o-n-c-e-r-n-i-n-g m-g-r-'s c-l-a-i-m-s m-a-y e-n-s-u-e; i-f n-o-t, n-o p-o-i-n-t i-n d-o-i-n-g s-o. Would the "destination" of where anonymous' questions were "leading" be clear enough? Anonymous' "final point" exposes a conclusion based on years of experience in interacting with mgr's devotees and their avoidance/reluctance/resistance in answering questions which they fear, yes, fear, will expose their beloved hero/leader/mentor's teachings as "falsehoods/lies/untruths." If that were not the case, there would be no problem on your end in responding to the questions, be they "leading" (real or imagined---italics emphasized) or otherwise; speaking "truth" would more than suffice in proving otherwise. Now if you were truly "looking forward to it" as you say, you would be more than willing to begin the process of engaging in dialogue by initially answering the questions. (BTW, in your haste and/or oversight, you assumed anonymous admitted the questions were "leading," but if you read anonymous' statement carefully and objectively---"Even if anonymous posed what are, in your opinion, "leading questions...."---you would have noticed the phrase "in your opinion," and perhaps would not have made the erroneous assumption.) RE: Slander What would you call your treatment of seeking in your responses to him? Your statement---"If I have misrepresented your intentions, I do not do so intentionally"---is duly noted as it was never anonymous' intention to "make a false statement in order to damage a reputation" (aka slander)---yours or anyone's for that matter. To be clear---exposure of falsehoods/lies/untruths and those who propagate, defend, support, and perpetuate them, is not "slander"---it is love of THE TRUTH (John 14:6a) first and foremost, and consequently love for the deluded/misguided fellow creature created in the image of THE LORD, and the impetus for---teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness. (2 Timothy 3:16) John 13:34 considered---if you are willing to answer the questions, anonymous is willing to listen---and perhaps serious dialoguing concerning mgr's memoirs can commence....
  13. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Guest new name, What you stated initially was understood very well. RE: Your above "reasons" 1) You do not know anonymous---but neither does anonymous know you---and in the event you hadn't noticed, this is an "Anonymous" Discussion Group, hence your reason is irrelevant. 2) If you are referring to anonymous' question 2) concerning your ability to read (and understand) Russian/Cyrillic, and translate it into English, as one of your "own personal experiences" that does not need to be on the Internet, and the reason for not responding to the question---that is your prerogative of course, but limits a serious discussion with you (as has been with every mgr devotee who's come onto this forum) concerning mgr's memoirs, in which he makes the claims he did---and frankly, is futile/pointless thus not worth the time nor effort to engage in such discussion. 3) Even if anonymous posed what are, in your opinion, "leading questions," why should this be a problem if you speak "truth" not "falsehood"? After all, in your own words: "A man of the 'truth,' should state the 'truth,' and prove to all that he does indeed, have the indwelling of the 'Spirit of Truth' within him." To the point: It has become even more apparent with your "reasons" listed above, that you are yet another mgr devotee who is fearful of facing the fact/truth that his beloved hero/leader/mentor was not everything he claimed to be, but that according to THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, he was simply one of many counterfeit/fraudulent/imposter/wannabe "Christs/Messiahs" whom JESUS warned HIS disciples about (Matthew 24:4-5; Mark 13:6; Luke 21:7-8).
  14. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Your politeness is appreciated, however, the questions posed are relative to your explanations of mgr's claims, and the importance of interpreting his claims "accurately." Examples: Question 1) --- is directly related to your explanation concerning mgr's "new name" (Ahmed Ulia) which you believe is "a name/title of the Holy Spirit," and "the new name of Jesus Christ...." and its being written upon/given to mgr...."This new name has been written upon/given to him"---as well as your supportive statement---"Scripture is full of passages that state that the name of God and of His Son, will be written upon every believer." Hence, the question---have you, presumably a believer, been given a "new name," and if so, what is it? Question 2) --- is directly related to your ability in reading (and understanding) mgr's memoirs in Russian/Cyrillic, and translating them into English. Simple questions that shouldn't require much effort on your part---only "truthful" answers since you have, in so many words, made a distinction between seeking and yourself, as one who is filled with THE SPIRIT of TRUTH thus speaks "truth" not "falsehood." Thank you for taking the time to respond. P.S. BTW, FYI --- the "to" in your below statement is misspelled; it should be "too" meaning: more than enough; excessively:
  15. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Guest newname, A couple of questions: 1) Has JESUS given you a "new name," and if so, what is it? 2) Do you read Russian/Cyrillic, and if so, are you able to translate it into English? Thank you.