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  1. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Wow! Isn’t it interesting that last/leastinline claims to have had an “epiphany” regarding the reason for decreased participation on this forum, yet the only response he has ever given concerning his so-called “love” for and ministry to his fellow [molokan] congregants and/or the [molokan] leadership within his congregation relating to the clear and present danger of the anti/un-SCRIPTURAL bias/prejudice taught against non-molokans via molokanism, has been….silence. (Smacks of Maxine Waters and her accusation of Donald J. Trump being racist, but failing to provide even a shred of evidence supporting her accusation, which is….bigotry, plain and simple.) It’s not a mystery that people have come and gone on this forum for their own reasons, and that, is their prerogative. No one has ever encouraged nor prevented anyone from doing so---it is what it is---voluntary participation (or not). Noteworthy however, is that typically the ones who disappear are those like last/leastinline when they are unable to defend their [molokan and/or maximist] anti/un-SCRIPTURAL beliefs and practices with SOLA SCRIPTURA. CHRISTians who have actively participated on this forum and no longer do so, have never had an issue with seeking’s or other CHRISTians’ posts---in fact/truth, there have been [now former molokan] cult members who have come to THE LORD via HIS word presented by CHRISTians on this forum. It has always been either the Rudometkin heretics or the molokan traditionalists like last/leastinline, who upon being exposed by SOLA SCRIPTURA to actually be in rebellion against THE LORD GOD, reject and despise the message and the messenger of THE LORD GOD’S truth(s) found in HIS word aka THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, and try to come up with a myriad of reasons to cover up their rebellion, and eventually go away. Hence, in light of her own posts, last/leastinline’s conclusions as to the reason for diminished participation are just that, her own conclusions, and lend to a figment of her own imagination. Until last/leastinline faces THE TRUTH (John 14:6) concerning the anti/un-SCRIPTURAL teachings of molokanism by the religious community of which she is an active member (which will again be evidenced in the upcoming cloistered gathering she is so elated about, i.e., Paskha), and admits that the biased/prejudiced teaching is an affront to and rebellion against THE LORD GOD, she will continue to delude herself with false rationale such as “Speaking on behalf of the ONLY person that I am authorized to speak for moi (me). I do not knowingly practice racism and to the utmost of my fiber and ability take any part in tacit and/or implicit racism, etc.”---which rationale is akin to an accomplice in armed robbery attempting to justify himself by stating that “he himself did not carry a gun and personally take the cash,” or Bill Clinton’s “I did not inhale.” The false rationale obviously does not square with the reality/[whole]truth of the matter. But again, oh well, whatever….shake, shake, shake, time to move on….
  2. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Obviously last/leastinline was a bit hasty in copying anonymous’ incomplete initial post above, and thereby missed the message in its entirety. Here is anonymous’ completed and most current post (4th post up): Wow---isn’t it so very interesting that last/leastinline has no problem with the exposure of mgr’s heresy, and is more than willing to communicate concerning that issue here on this forum---but when it comes to the heresy of molokanism, she is up in arms at the message and messenger, and refuses to address the issue here on this forum (and in the [molokan] religious gatherings she attends). And wow again---isn’t it so very interesting that last/leastinline’s eyes are blinded to the Pharisaic nature of molokanism that propagates and perpetuates a blatant bias/prejudice---“us” (molokans aka "nashi") and “them” (non-molokans aka "ni-nashi") teaching---in spite of (literally) YESHUA HAMASHIACH’S death which broke the barrier between Jews and gentiles (anyone other than Jews, which would include molokans)---uniting, via HIS SPIRIT aka THE SPIRIT of CHRIST aka THE SPIRIT of TRUTH aka THE SPIRIT of GOD aka THE HOLY SPIRIT---without exception---all (black, brown, red, yellow, white) who accept, believe, and receive HIM, into HIS one body of believers aka HIS bride/wife aka the [universal] church. Unfortunately for her, just as mgr’s anti/un-SCRIPTURAL teachings and practices are his faithful followers’ “sacred cow” aka a "no-go zone," the anti/un-SCRIPTURAL teachings and practices of molokanism are last/leastinline’s “sacred cow” aka a "no-go zone." Selective---hearing and seeing---can also be viewed in light of SOLA SCRIPTURA, as---deafness and blindness [to the truth(s) therein]. Too bad, so sad, but oh well....
  3. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    As with mgr's faithful ones who select only the passages from THE HOLY SCRIPTURES that suit them, but refuse to accept the whole counsel of SOLA SCRIPTURA'S truth(s), hard and fast traditionalists like last/leastinline are also eventually left to their own devices and the consequences thereof. Too bad, so sad.... P.S. And they cannot say, in all honesty/truthfulness, that they were never given an opportunity to accept the whole counsel of SOLA SCRIPTURA. P.P.S. BTW, insofar as its application in the context of last/leastinline and her being a member of a religious community that teaches and practices bias/prejudice against non-molokans, it doesn’t take omniscience nor omnipresence to know and see that what the person “says” [on this forum] and what the person “does” [active member of aforementioned pseudo-Christian religious group] are two different things. Neither is omniscience nor omnipresence necessary in ascertaining when a person is a born-again bona fide believer and follower of YESHUA HAMASHIACH---because he is who he is in YESHUA HAMASHIACH (THE TRUTH---John 14:6), and will speak the truth wherever he is---be it at religious gatherings or on this forum. And thus far, from her posts on this forum, last/leastinline has proven that her “talk” does not square with her “walk”---for if it did, she would have no problem admitting here on this forum or in the [molokan] religious gatherings she attends, that the teaching and practice of bias/prejudice against non-molokans (core molokanism) is anti/un-SCRIPTURAL thus unGODLY thus in opposition to YESHUA HAMASHIACH and SOLA SCRIPTURA---because THE SPIRIT of TRUTH aka THE HOLY SPIRIT aka THE SPIRIT of CHRIST aka THE SPIRIT of GOD would compel her to do so as HE has done/does/will do by/through HIS own since time immemorial. In his testimonial regarding unbelief and belief in JESUS, Apostle John provides some interesting facts/truths--- “While you have THE LIGHT, believe in THE LIGHT, that you may become sons of light.” When JESUS had said these things, HE departed and hid HIMSELF from them. Though HE had done so many signs before them, they still did not believe in HIM, so that the word spoken by the prophet Isaiah might be fulfilled: ‘LORD, who has believed what he heard from us, and to whom has the arm of THE LORD been revealed?’ Therefore they could not believe. For again Isaiah said, ‘HE has blinded their eyes and hardened their heart, lest they see with their eyes, and understand with their heart, and turn, and I would heal them.’ Isaiah said these things because he saw HIS glory and spoke of HIM. Nevertheless, many even of the authorities believed in him, but for fear of the Pharisees they did not confess it, so that they would not be put out of the synagogue; for they loved the glory that comes from man more than the glory that comes from GOD.” (John 12:35-43) Please note that although people may believe---fear---is the reason those like last/leastinline do not speak the truth in their religious gatherings; fear of being shunned and/or excommunicated, and Apostle John gives the true/truthful motive for not doing so: “…for they loved the glory that comes from man more than the glory that comes from GOD.” (John 12:43) It is a well-known fact that---IF---last/leastinline did speak the truth concerning molokanism and its anti/un-SCRIPTURAL bias/prejudice against non-molokans---in a [molokan] religious setting, there would be negative repercussions (see examples above) which she obviously does not want to endure….for THE TRUTH (John 14:6)/YESHUA HAMASHIACH’S sake. And in order to keep within the “good graces” of the religious leadership and the molokan community in general, under the pretext of “grace” and “love” and “genuine concern” for her fellow molokans, she will not (conscious volitional decision) speak the truth concerning this issue. Sad, very sad to witness a person masking her true motives by deluding herself into thinking that she is doing something good for the sake of her fellow man….
  4. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    So true. The hope is that there are silent spectators (readers only) who actually may be receptive....
  5. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Sad to witness last/leastinline consoling himself with confabulations. Amazing, but not surprising at all, as this is the classic posture of those who simply refuse to accept the truths of SOLA SCRIPTURA, be it traditionalists like last/leastinline, or, blatant cult followers like mgr's faithful ones---and again, in last/leastinline's case, someone who claims to believe SOLA SCRIPTURA. Such a pity.... P.S. BTW, last/leastinline is so off the mark regarding anonymous' identity and his so-called "diagnosis," it isn't even humorous; it's absolutely pathetic the extent to which refuseniks will go in attempts to justify their denial of SOLA SCRIPTURA truth(s).
  6. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    The Jews stoned the prophet Habakkuk---because he prophesied concerning THE MESSIAH, that HE should come and abrogate the [man-made] laws of the Jews. The Jews stoned the prophet Jeremiah---because he rebuked them for worshipping idols. The chief of the Jews slew the prophet Ezekiel in the land of the Chaldeans---because Ezekiel rebuked him for worshipping idols. John the Baptist was imprisoned---for speaking the truth (actually, rebuking) to Herod the Tetrach concerning his anti-/un-SCRIPTURAL thus unlawful practice of marrying another man's wife, namely, his sister-in-law, Herodias, whose daughter, Salome, upon the behest of her mother, asked Herod for John the Baptist’s head on a platter thus his decapitation. Stephen was stoned to death by the religious establishment---because he boldly stood up for and spoke the truth regarding JESUS to a hostile Jewish audience; he clearly called out those who put JESUS on the cross, much like Apostle Peter in his address to the Jews in Acts 2:22-23. Now what did all of the above individuals have in common? ANSWER: They were willing to suffer the consequences of their faith in---JESUS, WHO is THE TRUTH (John 14:6)---even unto death. When JESUS’ disciples were filled with THE HOLY SPIRIT aka THE SPIRIT of TRUTH aka THE SPIRIT of CHRIST aka THE SPIRIT of GOD, they were not silent nor did they think or profess that their mere existence would serve as examples of their faith---they boldly acted upon their faith in JESUS, and spoke the truth with respect to HIM and HIS teachings wherever they were, and suffered as their MASTER suffered---for speaking the truth. Yet last/leastinline, WHO speaks the name of JESUS, is afraid to speak up within the molokan community concerning the anti-/un-CHRISTian biases/prejudices molokanism teaches and practices against non-molokans, and consequently, is not willing to suffer---for THE TRUTH’S sake. He claims he hates the term “nee-nashi,” but obviously not enough to do anything about it. Ironically, he speaks the name of JESUS (a Jew), and how he loves Jerusalem, etc., but is an active member of a religious community that preaches and practices bias/prejudice against non-molokans aka “nee-nashi,” which would include Jews. What does that smack of? Correct---h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y. It’s past high time that last/leastinline and traditionalists like him, admit to themselves at least, that they do not have what it takes to break with the traditions of men---for JESUS’ sake. (At least egk was honest enough to admit that molokans “just want to be left alone.”) Such a pity…. P.S. Suggestion for last/leastinline in referencing SOLA SCRIPTURA and speaking the name of YESHUA HAMASHIACH from hereon---save it---until you actually believe and act upon the faith SOLA SCRIPTURA professes.
  7. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    last/leastinline, If only you actually believed and took to heart the last SCRIPTURAL reference you presented: Unfortunately, like Guest newname, who claimed to be in possession of mgr's originals and had no problem with the Russian language, but failed to translate even a paragraph of mgr's originals---you have proven in your posts that when the rubber meets the road and your feet are put to task regarding molokanism (man-made notions), you are unable to substantiate its anti/un-SCRIPTURAL prejudicial teachings and practices with SOLA SCRIPTURA, which you profess to believe. Therefore, your presentation of SCRIPTURAL passages is hypocritical---your "talk" doesn't square with your "walk" old chap. Such a pity.... P.S. And still making assumptions about the messenger....par for your course, of course.
  8. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Incredible, simply incredible---both last/leastinline and mgr’s devoted ones just do not want (a volitional, willful decision) to “get it.” They simply refuse to accept the truth(s) of THE LORD GOD’S word(s), and choose instead, to believe man-made notions---which is why try as they might, they will never, repeat, never be successful in substantiating molokanism and its anti/un-SCRIPTURAL teachings and practices nor mgr’s anti/un-SCRIPTURAL teachings and practices, with THE HOLY SCRIPTURES---because the two are not only incompatible, they are diametrically opposed---one is “of THE LORD” (THE HOLY SCRIPTURES) and the other is not “of THE LORD” (molokanism and mgr’s memoirs)---and that which is opposed to THE LORD GOD and HIS ways, word(s), etc., is against HIM aka rebellion. This is the reason the only comeback as it were, by those like last/leastinline and mgr’s faithful ones is, at best, their own convoluted fabrications, and when those fabrications are taken to task and proven wrong by THE HOLY SCRIPTURES time and again, they resort to ad hominem (and in the case of last/leastinline, unfounded assumptions regarding the messenger). In Guest newname’s attempted refutation of anonymous’ statement below with respect to THE HOLY SCRIPTURES and salvation--- ---he retorted with: Interestingly enough, while Guest newname cited the following passages from 2 Timothy a number of times--- ---his eyes appear to be blinded to the antecedent passages--- “But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in CHRIST JESUS.” (2 Timothy 3:14-15) ---in which passages “the sacred writings” Apostle Paul is referring to of course, are what is known as---The Old Testament (since The New Testament was still “in the making” during Apostle Paul and Timothy’s day). And upon its completion---The New Testament---in fulfillment of The Old Testament prophecies concerning THE CHRIST/MESSIAH, also testified/testifies/will testify of---salvation---by/through/via the only name under Heaven by which men are---saved (salvation)---THE LORD GOD aka JESUS [THE] CHRIST/MESSIAH---for both Jew and Gentile---in other words, all of humanity/human race/mankind. Obviously, anonymous’ statement with respect to---salvation---is consistent with THE HOLY SCRIPTURES (sacred writings), and which unfortunately for him, Guest newname is blinded to. In his “explanation” below, Guest newname attempts to give what he believes to be accurate information concerning mgr’s women (which by mgr's own admission is the “….reason I suffer here in prison confinement”): So according to Guest newname--- To begin, anyone with a minimal knowledge of the Russian language knows that---Marafina (also known as Marfa, according to Guest newname) is not the same name as---Maria (aka in Russian vernacular as Manya; Masha, etc.). The English name for “Marfa” (aka “Marta” in Russian) is---Martha, not Maria (which, in English, is---Mary). In other words---Marafina (aka as Marfa, according to Guest newname) and Maria---are two different names of two different women. THE HOLY SCRIPTURES bear this out when we read the account from Luke 10:38-42--- Cyrillic/Russian “В продолжение пути их пришел ОН в одно селение; здесь женщина, именем Марфа, приняла ЕГО в дом свой; у неё была сестра, именем Мария, которая села у ног ИИСУСА слушала слово ЕГО. Марфа же заботилась о большом угошеним и, подойда, сказала: ГОСПОДИ! или ТЕБЕ нужды нет, что сестра моя одну меня оставила служить? скажи ей, чтобы помогла мне. ИИСУС же сказал ей в ответ: Марфа! Марфа! Ты заботишься о многом, а одно только нужно; Мария же избрала благую часть, которая не отниметса у неё.” (Лука 10:38-42) English “Now as they went on their way, JESUS entered a village. And a woman named Martha welcomed HIM into her house. And she had a sister called Mary, who sat at THE LORD’S feet and listened to HIS teaching. But Martha was distracted with much serving. And she went up to HIM and said, ‘LORD, do YOU not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her then to help me.’ But THE LORD answered her, ‘Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.’” (Luke 10:38-42) JESUS promised HIS faithful disciples the following with respect to HIS SPIRIT aka THE SPIRIT of CHRIST aka THE SPIRIT of TRUTH aka THE HOLY SPIRIT: “But THE HELPER, THE HOLY SPIRIT, WHOM THE FATHER will send in MY name, HE will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.” (John 14:26) Now if Guest newname was indwelt and sensitive to THE SPIRIT of THE LORD GOD aka THE SPIRIT of CHRIST aka THE SPIRIT of TRUTH aka THE HOLY SPIRIT, and actually listened to HIM rather than striving to defend his beloved wayward mentor, mgr, and his anti/un-SCRIPTURAL teachings/writings---the above SCRIPTURAL passages would have been brought to his mind/remembrance by THE HOLY SPIRIT aka THE SPIRIT of TRUTH, and he would not have made the blatant blunder that he did with his own man-made concoction of a story aka a falsehood. In other words, THE TRUTH (John 14:6) would have revealed the truth to him concerning the matter, and set him free from the falsehood. Thus the words of THE LORD JESUS expose Guest newname’s story regarding Marafina (Marfa/Martha) and Maria (Mary) as being one and the same [person], that is, mgr’s only lawfully wedded physical wife, as a---falsehood. Maria Fyodirovna (the daughter of Fyodir) was mgr’s lawfully wedded physical wife---and according to THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, when a man and woman are joined in holy matrimony (marriage), they become one flesh (Genesis 2:18-24). At first glance one may think that “flesh” refers only to the physical body, however, in his expose concerning sexual immorality in 1 Corinthians 6:12-20, Apostle Paul makes it clear that the physical union [of matrimony] is also a spiritual one. In other words, when a man and woman are joined in holy matrimony, they become one in body and spirit which no man is to put asunder/separate, as JESUS said (Matthew 19:3-9; Mark 10:2-9). JESUS also said: “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” (Matthew 5:27-28) In light of JESUS’ words which are true/truth because HE is THE TRUTH (John 14:6), the notion of a “spiritual” wife while having a physical [and spiritual, according to THE HOLY SCRIPTURES] lawfully wedded wife, is nothing short of---adultery---and the description in his unedited unsanitized original memoirs (see his “Command” text below) of mgr’s so-called “spiritual” (and physical) union with women other than and in addition to his physical [and spiritual, according to THE HOLY SCRIPTURES] lawfully wedded wife, is a no-brainer in qualifying as---adultery. The other women (including Sterafina/Stenya) were mgr’s anti/un-SCRIPTURAL thus unGODly “spiritual wives/queens” aka his own warped fantasy. Next, listen to the distinction Guest newname makes between these two women---Marafina (aka Marfa, according to Guest newname), and Sterafina (Stenya): Unwittingly, Guest newname acknowledges and confirms that---Stenya (Sterafina)---was mgr’s unlawful wife---which acknowledgement in itself is a RED FLAG to those in whom THE HOLY SPIRIT aka THE SPIRIT of TRUTH dwells. Yet Guest newname appears to be unaffected at all, and as a matter of [his and his kind’s] course, accepts and considers it to be “normal,” justifying it with yet another of his “explanations”: Well now, if, according to Guest newname--- ---who was mgr in that scenario per Guest newname’s “explanation” below--- And if Sterafina was his spiritual unlawful wife and “representative of his spiritual community (Zion), the mother of all those who believe in the Holy Spirit….,” as Guest newname alleges--- Who then is the daughter of Garasim and Anna Klubnikin (Efim Garasimovitch Klubnikin’s parents) whom mgr wrote about and identified in his infamous "Command" here: It is more than obvious from his own words that his physical union (even in thought only) with the daughter (egk’s sister) of Garasim and Anna Klubnikin (egk’s parents) was an---adulterous one---because again, his physical [and spiritual, according to THE HOLY SCRIPTURES] lawfully wedded wife was Maria Fyodirovna, the daughter of Fyodir (not the daughter of Matvey nor the daughter of Garasim [and Anna Klubnikin]). But let us indulge Guest newname for the sake of giving him and his “explanation” the benefit of doubt. If his tale is true regarding Sterafina as "....representative of his spiritual community (Zion), the mother of all those who believe in the Holy Spirit," and his beloved hero's own words are true---both Sterafina and the daughter of Garasim and Anna Klubnikin (Efim Garasimovitch Klubnikin's sister) were---"the mother and queen of Zion"---not one, but two "mothers and queens of Zion"---a "spare" mother and queen of Zion in the event one displeased the self-anointed "father and king" of Zion (mgr). And if that wasn't absurd enough, mgr didn't stop there---it was seven "spiritual wives and queens" plus seven more "spiritual wives and queens" when the first seven "spiritual wives and queens" married normal young men (whom mgr referred to as "demons incarnate") during his absence. Absurdity upon absurdity due to the arrogance/high mindedness of a man and his lust for religious power and women, that compelled mgr to commit sin upon sin upon sin---all "in the name of" THE LORD GOD under the pretext of "spiritual." And indeed, it was "spiritual," however, it was not of THE HOLY SPIRIT aka THE SPIRIT of TRUTH aka THE SPIRIT of CHRIST aka THE SPIRIT of GOD to be sure---it was by inspiration of what THE HOLY SCRIPTURES refer to as a “familiar” spirit aka a lying spirit---which spirit deceives thereby causing confusion. Hence mgr’s confused protégés like Guest newname whose explanations are replete with contradictions and inconsistencies. However, Guest newname is not entirely responsible for his confusion---like all of mgr’s proteges, he is simply being faithful to his beloved hero and trying to the best of his ability to defend his “spiritual” leader and mentor’s anti/un-SCRIPTURAL teachings/writings. What Guest newname (like all of his maximist compatriots) ignores however, is the fact/truth that the problem lies with mgr’s memoirs per se---and no one, not even the most devout of mgr’s followers, is or will be able to reconcile his anti/un-SCRIPTURAL teachings/writings with THE HOLY SCRIPTURES---because again, and again, and again, and again---his teachings/writings are not of THE LORD GOD. They are inspired by a spirit, yes, but not by THE HOLY SPIRIT aka THE SPIRIT of TRUTH aka THE SPIRIT of CHRIST aka THE SPIRIT of GOD WHO is SPIRIT WHO is THE AUTHOR of HIS word aka THE HOLY SCRIPTURES. His own testimony/words in his unedited unsanitized original memoirs expose mgr as a person inspired by the spirit of falsity/lies which is, of course, in opposition to THE TRUTH (John 14:6) aka rebellion. The simple truth is that that which is of THE LORD GOD---has been, is, and always will be compatible with HIS WORD aka THE HOLY SCRIPTURES as HE is THE AUTHOR of HIS WORD, thus will always withstand the scrutiny of THE HOLY SCRIPTURES---while falsehoods will not---it really is that simple. And until last/leastinline comes to realize and accept the truth concerning molokanism and its anti/un-SCRIPTURAL teachings and practices, and mgr's faithful ones do the same concerning the falsehoods their beloved hero and shepherd, mgr, preached and practiced, both will continue to rebel against THE HOLY SCRIPTURES thus THE AUTHOR of HIS WORD, THE LORD GOD HIMSELF (regardless of how many times either references "SOLA SCRIPTURA, YESHUA HAMASHIACH," etc.)---resulting in darkness, spinning their wheels and going nowhere but deeper into darkness, as seen in their posts here on this forum. Such a pity….
  9. BTW, for the record--- The phrase "What a pity...." in anonymous' REPEAT post above, was in reference to last/leastinline's "....insistence on telephone calls for FEAR of responding here on this forum"---not his voluntarily joining this forum as last/leastinline misconstrued (and in doing so, revealed the fact/truth that perhaps he is not as "intuitive" as he imagines himself to be---can we spell Q-u-i-x-o-t-i-s-m).
  10. Who is last/leastinline trying to impress with SCRIPTURAL passages in Cyrillic/Russian? Everyone on this forum, including last/leastinline, knows that without an English to Russian/Russian to English translating application and/or device, he would be unable to translate either English into Russian or Russian into English. At least those with integrity and a modicum of humility have admitted to such, but not last/leastinline, who persists in---giving "the appearance of and [false] impression" (aka a "facade") that he understands something he doesn't (and if put to the test, would fail miserably). Much like the man-made molokan customs, "church" rituals, and rules and regulations, which last/leastinline as a member of said religious group, practices, which---give "the appearance and [false] impression" (aka a "facade") of something significant and so-called "GODly," but when placed into the truthful light of SOLA SCRIPTURA, prove to be nothing more than what they are---man-made customs, "church" rituals, and rules and regulations----which mean nothing to YESHUA HAMASHIACH as HE pointed out to, that's right, the---Pharisees---during HIS day, who placed an inordinate emphasis on the appearance of GODliness, apparel, ancestry, man-made customs, man-made traditions, man-made rules and regulations, etc, thereby missing the mark of solely seeing and exalting THE NAME above all names, and a personal intimate relationship with HIM, THE CREATOR of all things, visible and invisible. And---their purpose on Earth---to proclaim THE GOOD NEWS of salvation and THE ONLY NAME under Heaven by which men are saved---YESHUA HAMASHIACH---in order that people from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, may believe in and receive HIM, and enter into HIS KINGDOM. But alas, molokanism teaches just the opposite---isolation---from all tribes, peoples, and languages (non-molokans), and in so doing, are actually grieving THE HOLY SPIRIT/THE SPIRIT of TRUTH, and storing up THE LORD'S judgment upon themselves. What else can one say except, such is life in the molokan community....
  11. When someone thinks they know something, but in reality/truth, do not---they are prone to making egregious errors such as in the unfounded assumption last/leastinline makes here--- “….I now perceptively believe that anonymous’ now strong hatred for me is likely because of her estrangement from Molokan relatives and friends who no longer will accept her hostility toward them and no longer interact with her.” ---which has previously been brought to last/leastinline’s attention as bordering on bearing false witness, and which, once again, only affirms that, like the maximisti, last/leastinline has nothing, SCRIPTURALLY, to substantiate his involvement in “Pharisaic legalism” via molokanism---only [baseless] ad hominem vitriol---which stems from his FEAR of answering questions and admitting to the anti/un-SCRIPTURAL teachings of molokanism here on this forum.
  12. Self-examination and assessment....??? It would only be to his benefit if last/leastinline put his own advice into practice. Unfortunately for him, his--- ......Disclaimer..... I Judge no one, although I do and STRONGLY suggest that bashing Pharisaic beliefs is quite acceptable. ......End Disclaimer..... ---exposes him as someone who holds to and practices....double-standards. It is quite acceptable for him to bash what he believes to be “Pharisaic beliefs” (per his own words in his disclaimer), but when SOLA SCRIPTURA (which he claims he believes and adheres to) proves time and again that molokanism is “Pharisaic legalism,” he cries “foul,” and alleges that those who present SOLA SCRIPTURA in exposing molokanism as “Pharisaic legalism,” don’t really know ("intimate knowledge and spiritual" workings in the various congregations within the molokan community; yada, yada, yada---is most definitely applicable here) and care about the molokan community. Both interesting and a pity that those like last/leastinline insist on ignoring the elephant in the room---but again, not surprising in the least, and only par for the course---been the case for years. Regarding his statement--- “….those that openly profess their faith in Yeshua Hamashiach as Lord God and continue to faithfully work within the Molokan Community….” ---obviously, in the context of his posts, last/leastinline, himself, and he, is included in his above statement. Now is last/leastinline courageous enough to “unpack” his above statement here on this forum? What exactly does he do that he continues “….to faithfully work within the Molokan Community”? And to what end? P.S. The above questions are more rhetorical than inquisitive, and there is no expectation of anything more than continued [baseless] ad hominem vitriol from him, if anything at all. However, hope is alive and well....
  13. REPEAT: Once again, like the maximisti---last/leastinline has absolutely nothing, SCRIPTURALLY, to substantiate his involvement in "Pharisaic legalism" via molokanism---only [baseless] ad hominem vitriol---and insistence on telephone calls for FEAR of responding here on this forum---which forum by the way, he voluntarily joined. What a pity.....
  14. Once again, like the maximisti---last/leastinline has absolutely nothing, SCRIPTURALLY, to substantiate his involvement in "Pharisaic legalism" via molokanism---only ad hominem vitriol---and insistence on telephone calls for FEAR of responding here on this forum---which forum by the way, he voluntarily joined. What a pity.....
  15. Interesting that last/leastinline drones on and on about seeking’s lack of knowledge of the molokan community, and being disingenuous in his concern and love for the people within the molokan community---but has exposed himself as a person who actually does not genuinely care for these people. How so? IF---last/leastinline truly had a heart for these people as he alludes, he would boldly be speaking the truth concerning the molokan church’s anti/un-SCRIPTURAL teaching of bias/discrimination/partiality/prejudice against non-molokans (nee nashi---the word he claims to hate), and like all of THE LORD’S own, be prepared to suffer the consequences for doing so. All of THE LORD GOD’S disciples prior to and post HIS departure suffered the consequences of speaking HIS truth. One of many examples in the early church was John the Baptist who was imprisoned by Herod “…for the sake of Herodias, his brother Philip’s wife, because he had married her. For John had been saying to Herod, ‘It is not lawful for you to have your brother’s wife’” (Mark 6:17-18), and later was decapitated at the whim of Herodias’ daughter (Herod’s step-daughter). Our LORD and SAVIOR, YESHUA HAMASHIACH, WHO is THE TRUTH (John 14:6), was crucified for speaking the truth. The Sanhedrin, the highest Jewish tribunal comprised of Sadducees and Pharisees (Acts 23:6a), rejected THE TRUTH when HE spoke the truth and were instrumental in causing HIS death as a result. And after HIS death, resurrection, and ascension into Heaven, all of YESHUA HAMASHIACH’S apostles and disciples were (and are) persecuted and/or put to death for speaking [HIS] truth. Those who boldly spoke/speak the truth within the molokan “church[es],” are either no longer active participants and/or no longer members, willingly and/or unwillingly. So is last/leastinline boldly speaking the truth regarding molokanism’s bias/discrimination/partiality/prejudice toward non-molokans (nee nashi---the word he claims to hate) within his particular congregation? Apparently not, since he cannot provide a simple “yes” or “no” to the question concerning this matter. But last/leastinline’s case is nothing new, and as it is with others within the molokan community, there is a---fear---of reprimand, reprisal in the form of censoring speaking privileges (if he holds that position), disassociation with and shunning of him and his family, and ultimately, excommunication and/or volitional departure---that prevents him [and others within the community] from boldly speaking the truth. As much as last/leastinline may deny it, we’ve all heard the argument used by members of this community (including him) to rationalize and justify their cowardice in not taking a firm stand for YESHUA HAMASCHIACH and speaking HIS truth concerning the molokan “church” and its bias/partiality/discrimination/prejudice against non-molokans---“There is no perfect church,” and “every church has its problems and shortcomings,” yada, yada, yada…. The problem with this stance is that, while “other churches” (non-molokan), if they are truly bona fide CHRISTians, welcome whomever wishes to attend (if only for observation) and/or become a member of that congregation if one chose to do so, the same definitely cannot be said regarding the molokan “church” which claims to be “CHRISTian,” but whose actions prove it to be nominal “CHRISTian”---in name only. SOLA SCRIPTURA is replete with that which is of utmost importance to YESHUA HAMASHIACH---the spreading of THE GOOD NEWS of---HIM [and HIS KINGDOM]---“…among the nations…among all the peoples” (1 Chronicles 16:23-24) as the only way to and means of---salvation from sin (disobedience to HIM/THE WORD and its penalty---death) and HIS righteous wrathful judgment against sin[ners]---for the establishment of a personal, intimate, and right[eous] relationship with...HIM...the object and purpose of salvation. Insofar as “Pharisaic legalism” (which last/leastinline continuously accuses seeking of, and now, anonymous) is concerned, let’s take a look at some of the “must-dos & don'ts” of molokanism. • Wearing white outfits for funerals and memorials---not necessarily mandated, but looked upon with disapproval if black or other dark colors are worn or if apparel which is not the “traditional church garb” is worn. • Eating out [at restaurants]---frowned upon and discouraged (although ironically, not observed by a good number of congregants). • Socializing with “nee-nashi” (not ours; outsiders)---frowned upon and discouraged (although doing “business” with them is acceptable). Similar to man-made rules which the Pharisees during JESUS’ day, and the Judaizers during the apostles’ days, insisted be observed....and which Roman Catholicism and other pseudo-CHRISTian religious groups in modern times, insist be observed. In reality/truth, and for all practical purposes, molokanism = Pharisaic legalism. And unfortunately for him, last/leastinline, who has yet to say something positive about seeking and his bold stance for the truth, is a member of a religious body that exercises “Pharisaic legalism.” As with the maximisti, all one can say concerning the molokan “church” and its anti/un-SCRIPTURAL teachings and practices, is---woe unto them.