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  1. BTW, for the record--- The phrase "What a pity...." in anonymous' REPEAT post above, was in reference to last/leastinline's "....insistence on telephone calls for FEAR of responding here on this forum"---not his voluntarily joining this forum as last/leastinline misconstrued (and in doing so, revealed the fact/truth that perhaps he is not as "intuitive" as he imagines himself to be---can we spell Q-u-i-x-o-t-i-s-m).
  2. Who is last/leastinline trying to impress with SCRIPTURAL passages in Cyrillic/Russian? Everyone on this forum, including last/leastinline, knows that without an English to Russian/Russian to English translating application and/or device, he would be unable to translate either English into Russian or Russian into English. At least those with integrity and a modicum of humility have admitted to such, but not last/leastinline, who persists in---giving "the appearance of and [false] impression" (aka a "facade") that he understands something he doesn't (and if put to the test, would fail miserably). Much like the man-made molokan customs, "church" rituals, and rules and regulations, which last/leastinline as a member of said religious group, practices, which---give "the appearance and [false] impression" (aka a "facade") of something significant and so-called "GODly," but when placed into the truthful light of SOLA SCRIPTURA, prove to be nothing more than what they are---man-made customs, "church" rituals, and rules and regulations----which mean nothing to YESHUA HAMASHIACH as HE pointed out to, that's right, the---Pharisees---during HIS day, who placed an inordinate emphasis on the appearance of GODliness, apparel, ancestry, man-made customs, man-made traditions, man-made rules and regulations, etc, thereby missing the mark of solely seeing and exalting THE NAME above all names, and a personal intimate relationship with HIM, THE CREATOR of all things, visible and invisible. And---their purpose on Earth---to proclaim THE GOOD NEWS of salvation and THE ONLY NAME under Heaven by which men are saved---YESHUA HAMASHIACH---in order that people from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, may believe in and receive HIM, and enter into HIS KINGDOM. But alas, molokanism teaches just the opposite---isolation---from all tribes, peoples, and languages (non-molokans), and in so doing, are actually grieving THE HOLY SPIRIT/THE SPIRIT of TRUTH, and storing up THE LORD'S judgment upon themselves. What else can one say except, such is life in the molokan community....
  3. When someone thinks they know something, but in reality/truth, do not---they are prone to making egregious errors such as in the unfounded assumption last/leastinline makes here--- “….I now perceptively believe that anonymous’ now strong hatred for me is likely because of her estrangement from Molokan relatives and friends who no longer will accept her hostility toward them and no longer interact with her.” ---which has previously been brought to last/leastinline’s attention as bordering on bearing false witness, and which, once again, only affirms that, like the maximisti, last/leastinline has nothing, SCRIPTURALLY, to substantiate his involvement in “Pharisaic legalism” via molokanism---only [baseless] ad hominem vitriol---which stems from his FEAR of answering questions and admitting to the anti/un-SCRIPTURAL teachings of molokanism here on this forum.
  4. Self-examination and assessment....??? It would only be to his benefit if last/leastinline put his own advice into practice. Unfortunately for him, his--- ......Disclaimer..... I Judge no one, although I do and STRONGLY suggest that bashing Pharisaic beliefs is quite acceptable. ......End Disclaimer..... ---exposes him as someone who holds to and practices....double-standards. It is quite acceptable for him to bash what he believes to be “Pharisaic beliefs” (per his own words in his disclaimer), but when SOLA SCRIPTURA (which he claims he believes and adheres to) proves time and again that molokanism is “Pharisaic legalism,” he cries “foul,” and alleges that those who present SOLA SCRIPTURA in exposing molokanism as “Pharisaic legalism,” don’t really know ("intimate knowledge and spiritual" workings in the various congregations within the molokan community; yada, yada, yada---is most definitely applicable here) and care about the molokan community. Both interesting and a pity that those like last/leastinline insist on ignoring the elephant in the room---but again, not surprising in the least, and only par for the course---been the case for years. Regarding his statement--- “….those that openly profess their faith in Yeshua Hamashiach as Lord God and continue to faithfully work within the Molokan Community….” ---obviously, in the context of his posts, last/leastinline, himself, and he, is included in his above statement. Now is last/leastinline courageous enough to “unpack” his above statement here on this forum? What exactly does he do that he continues “….to faithfully work within the Molokan Community”? And to what end? P.S. The above questions are more rhetorical than inquisitive, and there is no expectation of anything more than continued [baseless] ad hominem vitriol from him, if anything at all. However, hope is alive and well....
  5. REPEAT: Once again, like the maximisti---last/leastinline has absolutely nothing, SCRIPTURALLY, to substantiate his involvement in "Pharisaic legalism" via molokanism---only [baseless] ad hominem vitriol---and insistence on telephone calls for FEAR of responding here on this forum---which forum by the way, he voluntarily joined. What a pity.....
  6. Once again, like the maximisti---last/leastinline has absolutely nothing, SCRIPTURALLY, to substantiate his involvement in "Pharisaic legalism" via molokanism---only ad hominem vitriol---and insistence on telephone calls for FEAR of responding here on this forum---which forum by the way, he voluntarily joined. What a pity.....
  7. Interesting that last/leastinline drones on and on about seeking’s lack of knowledge of the molokan community, and being disingenuous in his concern and love for the people within the molokan community---but has exposed himself as a person who actually does not genuinely care for these people. How so? IF---last/leastinline truly had a heart for these people as he alludes, he would boldly be speaking the truth concerning the molokan church’s anti/un-SCRIPTURAL teaching of bias/discrimination/partiality/prejudice against non-molokans (nee nashi---the word he claims to hate), and like all of THE LORD’S own, be prepared to suffer the consequences for doing so. All of THE LORD GOD’S disciples prior to and post HIS departure suffered the consequences of speaking HIS truth. One of many examples in the early church was John the Baptist who was imprisoned by Herod “…for the sake of Herodias, his brother Philip’s wife, because he had married her. For John had been saying to Herod, ‘It is not lawful for you to have your brother’s wife’” (Mark 6:17-18), and later was decapitated at the whim of Herodias’ daughter (Herod’s step-daughter). Our LORD and SAVIOR, YESHUA HAMASHIACH, WHO is THE TRUTH (John 14:6), was crucified for speaking the truth. The Sanhedrin, the highest Jewish tribunal comprised of Sadducees and Pharisees (Acts 23:6a), rejected THE TRUTH when HE spoke the truth and were instrumental in causing HIS death as a result. And after HIS death, resurrection, and ascension into Heaven, all of YESHUA HAMASHIACH’S apostles and disciples were (and are) persecuted and/or put to death for speaking [HIS] truth. Those who boldly spoke/speak the truth within the molokan “church[es],” are either no longer active participants and/or no longer members, willingly and/or unwillingly. So is last/leastinline boldly speaking the truth regarding molokanism’s bias/discrimination/partiality/prejudice toward non-molokans (nee nashi---the word he claims to hate) within his particular congregation? Apparently not, since he cannot provide a simple “yes” or “no” to the question concerning this matter. But last/leastinline’s case is nothing new, and as it is with others within the molokan community, there is a---fear---of reprimand, reprisal in the form of censoring speaking privileges (if he holds that position), disassociation with and shunning of him and his family, and ultimately, excommunication and/or volitional departure---that prevents him [and others within the community] from boldly speaking the truth. As much as last/leastinline may deny it, we’ve all heard the argument used by members of this community (including him) to rationalize and justify their cowardice in not taking a firm stand for YESHUA HAMASCHIACH and speaking HIS truth concerning the molokan “church” and its bias/partiality/discrimination/prejudice against non-molokans---“There is no perfect church,” and “every church has its problems and shortcomings,” yada, yada, yada…. The problem with this stance is that, while “other churches” (non-molokan), if they are truly bona fide CHRISTians, welcome whomever wishes to attend (if only for observation) and/or become a member of that congregation if one chose to do so, the same definitely cannot be said regarding the molokan “church” which claims to be “CHRISTian,” but whose actions prove it to be nominal “CHRISTian”---in name only. SOLA SCRIPTURA is replete with that which is of utmost importance to YESHUA HAMASHIACH---the spreading of THE GOOD NEWS of---HIM [and HIS KINGDOM]---“…among the nations…among all the peoples” (1 Chronicles 16:23-24) as the only way to and means of---salvation from sin (disobedience to HIM/THE WORD and its penalty---death) and HIS righteous wrathful judgment against sin[ners]---for the establishment of a personal, intimate, and right[eous] relationship with...HIM...the object and purpose of salvation. Insofar as “Pharisaic legalism” (which last/leastinline continuously accuses seeking of, and now, anonymous) is concerned, let’s take a look at some of the “must-dos & don'ts” of molokanism. • Wearing white outfits for funerals and memorials---not necessarily mandated, but looked upon with disapproval if black or other dark colors are worn or if apparel which is not the “traditional church garb” is worn. • Eating out [at restaurants]---frowned upon and discouraged (although ironically, not observed by a good number of congregants). • Socializing with “nee-nashi” (not ours; outsiders)---frowned upon and discouraged (although doing “business” with them is acceptable). Similar to man-made rules which the Pharisees during JESUS’ day, and the Judaizers during the apostles’ days, insisted be observed....and which Roman Catholicism and other pseudo-CHRISTian religious groups in modern times, insist be observed. In reality/truth, and for all practical purposes, molokanism = Pharisaic legalism. And unfortunately for him, last/leastinline, who has yet to say something positive about seeking and his bold stance for the truth, is a member of a religious body that exercises “Pharisaic legalism.” As with the maximisti, all one can say concerning the molokan “church” and its anti/un-SCRIPTURAL teachings and practices, is---woe unto them.
  8. last/leastinline, What do you believe is the reason for your refusal to answer the above posed questions---here on this forum? Could it be---fear?
  9. last/leastinline, Either you have forgotten---or---weren’t paying attention---or---disregarded completely anonymous’ previous response concerning contacting you via your personal contact information. To reiterate---there is NO NEED to do so---as the questions posed should not prove to be a problem in answering here on the forum, and especially not for someone who has been delivered from darkness into THE LIGHT---that is, for a born-again believer in YESHUA, WHO is THE TRUE LIGHT (John 1:9) and THE TRUTH (John 14:6), and in whom HIS SPIRIT/THE SPIRIT of TRUTH/THE HOLY SPIRIT dwells. It is true is it not, that you claim to believe---SOLA SCRIPTURA---thus the contents therein? It is also true is it not, that you are a member of a congregation (church) that claims to be “CHRISTian,” that is, believers and followers of CHRIST/MESSIAH YESHUA, yet blatantly discriminates against non-molokans? Are these “shameful and defiant declarations, nonsensical and Pharisaic assertions,” etc.---or---are they truthful assertions/statements? Rather than going off on your [emotionally charged but SCRIPTURALLY baseless] “Pharisaic” tirades, if you do not believe they are truthful assertions/statements, simply provide the truth. The questions are simple--- If THE LORD GOD HIMSELF “…shows no partiality” (Romans 2:11)---and JESUS died to ransom people “…from every tribe and language and people and nation…,” how can a congregation (church) claim to be “CHRISTian,” that is, believers and followers of CHRIST/MESSIAH JESUS, and show partiality, i.e., nashi and nee-nashi? By and on whose authority do molokans discriminate against non-molokans? Do you believe they are inspired by THE HOLY SPIRIT to do so? So again, as someone who claims to adhere to---SOLA SCRIPTURA---and someone who, in his own words, places “great value in face to face passion for Truth,” what are the SCRIPTURAL thus truthful answers to the above questions? P.S. Unfortunately, the situation here is no different than when YESHUA asked the Pharisees to answer truthfully "face to face with THE TRUTH/HIM," and they refused to do so and instead, were offended and angry because they knew an honest/truthful answer would expose their true selves and indict them as rebels against THE TRUTH/HIM aka wrongdoers. If you are honest/truthful with YESHUA and with yourself, you cannot help but see whose actions in this situation are truly---“Pharisaic.”
  10. last/leastinline, You keep referencing---SOLA SCRIPTURA (as though you actually believe the contents)---in which is found the following: “And between the throne and the four living creatures and among the elders I saw a LAMB standing, as though it had been slain, with seven horns and with seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of GOD sent out into all the earth. And HE went and took the scroll from the right hand of HIM WHO was seated on the throne. And when HE had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before THE LAMB, each holding a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints. And they sang a new song, saying, ‘Worthy are YOU to take the scroll and to open its seals, for YOU were slain, and by YOUR blood YOU ransomed people for GOD from every tribe and language and people and nation, and YOU have made them a kingdom and priests to our GOD, and they shall reign on the earth.’” (Revelation 5:6-10) Now if THE LORD GOD HIMSELF “…shows no partiality” (Romans 2:11)---and JESUS died to ransom people “…from every tribe and language and people and nation…,” how can a congregation (church) claim to be “CHRISTian,” that is, believers and followers of CHRIST/MESSIAH JESUS, and show partiality, i.e., nashi and nee-nashi? If, in all honesty/truth you believe what---SOLA SCRIPTURA---says above, how do you, a member of such a congregation/church, reconcile the partiality/prejudice that molokanism teaches and exercises toward all who are “non-molokan” (nee-nashi) with the truthful teaching of---SOLA SCRIPTURA (which you keep referencing as though you actually believe the contents)---and the fact/truth that by HIS blood JESUS ransomed people “from every tribe and language and people and nation”? How can humans, created in the image of THE LORD GOD, and especially those who claim to be believers and followers of JESUS [THE] CHRIST, exhibit and exercise bias/partiality/prejudice toward other humans, created in the image of THE LORD GOD, who have been redeemed by HIS blood---when THE LORD GOD HIMSELF, through HIS blood, reconciled to HIMSELF all (black, brown, red, yellow, white) who believe in and follow HIM? By and on whose authority do molokans discriminate against non-molokans? Do you believe they are inspired by THE HOLY SPIRIT to do so?
  11. Is Is Possible?

    They cannot support their belief/faith in mgr and his falsehoods with SCRIPTURE---precisely because the falsehoods they have accepted and believe are anti/un-SCRIPTURAL (proven on more than one occasion). Therefore, they will never be able to defend their position with THE LORD GOD’S word(s) aka THE HOLY SCRIPTURES---the two are irreconcilable---hence the silence. But instead of fessing up to the fact/truth of the matter, they continue to delude themselves, as did their beloved hero/leader/mentor/shepherd/god, with the distorted view that all who do not accept the falsehoods are apostates, unbelievers, have "left the faith of their forefathers," etc., etc., etc.---any and every excuse as absurd as it may be (and is, as seen in their posts). So sad….
  12. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Guest newname’s silence and reluctance in providing an “accurate” translation of mgr’s originals (the ones he claims he has had for years) is deafening and speaks volumes---and it becomes even more obvious that he and his maximist brethren willfully choose to ignore the ugly truths concerning their beloved hero/leader/shepherd while continuing to lull themselves into the spiritual stupor that is their signature trademark. With the truth staring them in the face, you'd think they'd finally "get it"---but no, they volitionally do not want to do so---and so be it, their choice. Sad, very sad….
  13. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Four (4) fairly lengthy posts, including repetitive complaints about the "elementary" and sloppy translation(s) of his beloved hero's "regurgitated" (in Guest newname's words) originals, but still no "accurate" translation from Guest newname of at least the two (2) short pages (paragraphs actually) of mgr's originals from book 10, the book wherein is found the infamous---указь (decree/edict)---which Guest newname was so worked up over. Makes one wonder concerning the credibility of Guest newname's reassurance that the Russian language would not be a hindrance to him---should be a snap for a person claiming to be proficient in Russian, yet here we are, still waiting....
  14. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Guest newname, The time and energy put into your defensive (but inaccurate) responses, especially because of your “time constraints,” weren't necessary and actually a waste of your time and the readers’ time---all you need do is provide an “accurate” translation of mgr’s unaltered/unedited originals (“SECTION(S) MISSING” above) in English on this forum, and allow the readers to judge for themselves the content and context in which his memoirs were written. Simple…. Thank you.
  15. Clark Street Is Recruiting

    Guest newname, You may want to politely ask f/m/p to put a sock in it so that he stops embarrassing himself, you, and your kind every time he opens his mouth....