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  1. Fox News' Sean Hannity questioned former Vice President Joe Biden's electoral viability, saying the Delaware Democrat's wife offered only a tepid endorsement of her husband. View the full article
  2. President Donald Trump is now a grandfather for the 10th time. View the full article
  3. Filmmaker Spike Lee claimed Tuesday it is "not even a question anymore" that President Trump is a "white supremacist." View the full article
  4. An Arizona shelter dog will make its debut on the big screen as the lead role in Disney's live-action remake of the popular 1955 animated movie, "Lady and the Tramp." View the full article
  5. On Tuesday, Ronda Rousey took to Instagram where she revealed to her followers that she nearly severed one of her fingers while filming the TV show "9-1-1," calling it a "freak accident." View the full article
  6. Police have released surveillance footage in the hope of catching the killer who stabbed a retired college administrator in a parking lot at California State University, Fullerton on Monday. View the full article
  7. A Massachusetts man sparked a fire on his family home’s roof last week as he was trying to get rid of a pesky hornet’s nest with a Roman candle. View the full article
  8. Investigators still don't know who is responsible... (Third column, 5th story, link) Related stories: Ransomware attack that crippled 23 Texas towns has cost millions... Advertise here View the full article
  9. Biden recalls MLK, Bobby Kennedy assassinations 'in the late 70s'... (Third column, 2nd story, link) Related stories: Biden's brain surgeon defends his brain... Advertise here View the full article
  10. FEDS: SET THERMOSTATS TO 82° WHILE YOU SLEEP! (Main headline, 1st story, link) Advertise here View the full article
  11. Xi's choice: Destroy Trump, or weaken America... (Top headline, 3rd story, link) Related stories: President Weighs Options to Spur Economy... Thinking about payroll tax cut [day after White House denies it]... Advertise here View the full article
  12. Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci is launching a PAC in order to "dismantle" President Trump and claims he could potentially sway as much as eight percent of his voters. View the full article
  13. A migrant rescue ship carrying more than 80 people was evacuated near Italy's southernmost Island on Tuesday, ending a 19-day standoff that pushed 15 passengers to jump into the sea to escape deteriorating conditions aboard. View the full article
  14. A man who invited the public to his partner's funeral after she was killed in the El Paso, Texas, massacre earlier this month was given a new vehicle after his SUV apparently was stolen and vandalized hours after he laid her to rest. View the full article
  15. DOUBLE DOWN ON RETAIL: American Dream Mall Developers Put Up Other Mega Malls as Collateral... (Second column, 13th story, link) Advertise here View the full article