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  1. Camp Games

    Please...explain 'how' they use comet outside the tent or cabin? This one is new to me. "Liggy" you need to post another scrambled game word! Sada Sorry, I got nuthin' to add to the game. I saw you were getting frustrated and the letters kinda "clicked" for me. I don't know how they would use the cleanser unless someone needed the shower floor extra clean. It's been too long since I've been a camper, I can't think of a word that hasn't been already used. Someone else will have to come up with the next word.
  2. Camp Games

    comet cleanser ??
  3. Worthless Anti-Molokan Forum

    You know, "how many people showed up at that doing", or "did you see so-and-so and who they were with?". How about "wasn't that borsh good", "What doing is coming up next", "is there anything going on this weekend, or do I have the time free to go riding". "what did that deystvenk say?". "will they're new church building have air-conditioning?" "they had so much food at their doing that I was stuffed", "they didn't expect so many people, so we barely got any meat on our plate". "where are you going riding this weekend?".
  4. "Woman Clothed With The Sun"

    Unless an answer is given later in the chapter (or later in the message), then we really don't know. Why do you need to know an answer ?
  5. Worldly Music Discussion

    You saw advertisements for a 1970 's mellow rock album ?? When ?? During the 1970 's ?? Early '80's ?? Were you driving through a time warp ? Was there some sort of retro '70's bad rock revival going on ? Your reasons/answers don't make sense.
  6. What Music Are You Listening To ?

    Stop it. STOP IT ! STOP IT !!!!!
  7. Simply Amazing

    Read Scripture (the Bible), and pray. Prayer & Scripture (Bible). All the answers to our problems.
  8. What Music Are You Listening To ?

    Just.....couldn't.......listen to it all. You said "horribly done", right ?
  9. Are You A Christian Or Not?

    Jesus Christ is the son of the living God. The saviour. The messiah. The annointed of God for the job of saving man from his sins. The only one capable or qualified to carry out this job of sacrificing himself for the forgiveness of us (our sins), who are unworthy of this forgiveness. Eternal salvation is what we receive because of God's unmerited gift to us, who have the Holy Spirit turn our hearts to accept Jesus Christ as our saviour. I am a Christian, because God's Holy Spirit has worked in me to give me the ability to accept Jesus Christ as my Saviour. This is nothing that I was able to do of my own power, nor of my own will. I can only come to God because he chooses me. I can not choose God, because I am flesh. I am unable, because of my flesh nature (sin) to come to God. I can only go if He brings me to Him.
  10. Pesnik Quiz

    First, the song in the "see-yohn-skee pess-nik" does not translate to the words lastinline posted. The song is based on the classic "Silent Night", but even though it has the same/similar tune, it does not have the same lyrics except for the first 2 lines of each verse. It would be surprising to many in the "molokan narrohd", if they would actually do-the-time to reasearch all the songs we sing, that most do not have "molokan" background. Many were taken from other religion's hymnals (other church's songbooks), Cossak traditional tunes / military style march tunes, and traditional Russian folk tunes. We are a people that has a background, we came from somewhere. We did not appear out of "thin air" and invent everything we have. And you, if you spend the time to research the history, cannot attribute everything we have to devine revelation of the Holy Spirit, even though you would like to - to feel special.
  11. Were Moses, David, Abraham Ne-nash?

    You know I'm arguing semantics, but words are important now-a-days because so many abuse words and their meanings. "Nahsh", means "ours", which would mean other brothers & sisters in Christ. Those whom God has chosen by making a change in our hearts through (by) the Holy Spirit to bring us to accept the saving grace given in Christ Jesus. "Nee-hahsh" would refer to those whom God has not opened up the hearts of, to this miracle. Those whose hearts are hardened to the grace of God. Whose hearts the Holy Spirit chooses not to open. I understand that you are trying to make a point by using the gutter definition of "nahsh" & "nee-nahsh" like most New-Israelite "molokans" use. But, it's so offensive to bring ourselves down to that level of mentality. Sorry if I've hijacked the thread.
  12. Here Or There?

    If there are personalities within your congregation with whom you cannot get "along" with, don't you feel it would be better to separate yourself from them so that both you and them would be able to worship God without distractions ? Of course, if you were not "hard hearted" and not fighting against God, you would be able to forgive your brother/sister and worship together despite any differences....... For those who continue to fight against God, there is separation from ones brother/sister. That just seems to be the way it works for the unbeliever. Oh, and before any "comeback", there is also the case(s) of Scriptural differences: This would be where one cannot attend where there are heretics or non-believers "running the show". Where one cannot freely worship God because it is not allowed because of traditions/rules/regulations/false-beliefs getting in the way. All the reasons seem to point to the weakness of man, and the sin(s) of the flesh.
  13. Were Moses, David, Abraham Ne-nash?

    What was/is a Jew - Hebrew - Isrealite ? Were they different from the other peoples who were around at that time ? Where did Abraham come from ? He was just like everyone else around him at that time. Exept that he was chosen by God. If you accept the salvation that God offers you by accepting Jesus Christ - then you also are chosen by God. If the Holy Spirit works in you to turn you to the saving grace of God, the sacrifice of the Christ, Jesus, then you are "chosen". You would then be included in God's elect/chosen, Israel. Not the Israel that rejected Christ the Messiah, but rather the Israel that accepted salvation through our saviour Jesus the Christ.
  14. Were Moses, David, Abraham Ne-nash?

    Ok, you're defining the term "nee-nash". Which would refer to "not ours"(translation). "Ours" meaning those of New Isrealite persuasion, who come from Russian heritage. We know, historically, that if you're referring to "molokan", then you mean those who are of Russian heritage who protest against the Russian Orthodox (Holy Russian) church, by drinking milk on the church (Russian Orthodox) fasting days. This would mean that they, "molokans", would be members of the Protestant Christian church (being that they "protested" against the Orthodox church). My feeling is that even though there is a "common" understanding for the term "molokan", it needs to be used in the proper context. Just because people mis-use a term, or name, is no excuse to continue to mis-use it.
  15. What Music Are You Listening To ?

    Band : Mountain (with Leslie West) Song : Nantucket Sleighride (live)