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Found 2 results

  1. Not Just One Hoax But Two

    If you have a pulse, you're probably aware there is a soft coup attempt against the President of the United States With that comes "witnesses" to support claims the President engaged in behavior that would constitute an impeachable offense The "witnesses" are discredited, proven to be lying and have a bias against the current administration The left then pivots to another alleged crime and begins the process again In fact the left has been accusing people of EXACTLY what they are guilty of Quid Pro Joe is a great example The same has occured with the cult of molokanism Molokan "experts" have regularly been proven to be liars and deceivers who want nothing to more lead people astray When those same liars and deceivers are found out, they too pivot and attempt to take the focus off the topc at hand. They'll make it about something else and accuse others of doing EXACTLY what they are guity of Funny how religious and political cults use the same playbook
  2. The Jewish diaspora (exile) from their homeland began in earnest around 733 BC. Jews we "scattered" throughout the middle east, Africa, Asia, Iran, Germany, Russia, France, Spain, The US and more. Interestingly enough, Jews from those various countries and skin colors are prophetically returning home to Israel Are they still Jews regardless of skin color?