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Upon further investigation, it would appear that others have been engaging in the same practices as Prophet


In particular, the use of copy-written material without the proper permission while trying to make it appear as their own


molokan.net is self-funding this entire effort to create a unique platform for sharing ideas, heritage, common interests and the like that could not be discussed anywhere else without restriction


When there is behavior that is outside the bounds of our policies, we need to step in and play the heavy


We, the membership services, technical services and the administrative services proletariats, have endeavored to remain neutral and at times it`s been really tough.


You should see the bite makes in some of the tongues around here


It's obvious everyone now gets the point


So here's the deal


We're re-instating the "offenders" with a few caveats

  • Please do not continue using someone else`s material as a "cut and paste" campaign to barrage others into submission
  • Give credit where credit is due on any posted content
  • Try and be a little more considerate and maybe a lot more open-minded
  • Maybe a Faith - Reform View Section?
  • All member information must be in accordance with stated policies
    and finally
  • Play nice - or do we have to stop this car again ? _vti_cnf

Can you dig it?



administrative services proletariat


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