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little koshka

Lesson 1

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The beginning of the lesson directs us to read passages from Matthew, Luke, John, Galatians, and Philippians.


The premises were: Lessons from Jesus, Not looking back, The cost of following Jesus, Life by the Spirit, and Not having confidence in the flesh or legalistic righteousness.


Note/Answers to study questions:


1. Jesus gives us full and eternal life.

2. Jesus saved us by condemning sin.

3. The only way to confirm salvation is by confessing that Jesus is Lord and having belief that God raised Him from the dead.

4. We are not saved by law, but by Grace We should be dead to sin.

5. One must be "born again" to "see" and to "enter" the Kingdom of Heaven.

6. We can show the Lord our love for Him by loving and obeying Him, and by listening to His word only.

7. We can show others God's love with action and truth.

8. By giving the Holy Spirit full control in our lives, we can experience love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness.

9. There is no other way to Heaven or to the Father except through Jesus Christ.

10. Nothing will separate you from the love of God.



Any others?

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Has anyone else done Lesson 1?


Just wondering..


I did it when Seeking Truth posted this study a few years ago, which could possibly have been on one of the other forums. If I remember correctly, there were 10 Lessons in total.


In order to receive the maximum benefit from each one, it requires reading the Bible, and more importantly, the discipline of writing down your answers, no matter how trivial or "elementary" they might seem.


In our church, we have a small group men's Bible Study class that does the same thing with different topics, each topical study lasting 12 weeks, usually based on a book which has been written on the subject by one of the many fine Christian authors that one would fine in any good Christian bookstore.


The most beneficial meetings are those during which we compare our written answers, with a common committment to understand both the literal, as well as the deeper spiritual context, with resulting consequences of what is written in the Scriptures about any specific topic.


One of the women in our church is currently putting together a topical Bible Study for an upcoming Women's Bible Study class. It is going to be a 12 week study of the matriarchal women of faith in the Bible. Again, because we cannnot trust that we will always remember, the primary benefit of this type of Bible study involves answering the questions and putting them down in writing.



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