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Learn The Bible In 24 Hours

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Posted 04 January 2010 - 05:38 PM

http://www.khouse.or...biblein24hours/ Audio Only

Learn The Bible In 24 Hours; Hours 1-3a - Introduction. Genesis 1-11
Chuck Missler begins his overview of the entire Bible, Learn the Bible in 24 Hours, with an introduction to the Word of God, and a review of Genesis 1-11.

Learn The Bible In 24 Hours; Hours 3b-5b - Genesis and Israel's Years in the Desert
Chuck Missler digs through the rich teachings from Genesis and the books of the Law, and shows the consistency of God's eternal plan.

Learn The Bible In 24 Hours; Hours 6a-8a - Joshua through the Poetical Books
Chuck Missler considers the treasures that God has communicated to us through Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Samuel, Kings, Chronicles, and the Poetical Books.

Learn The Bible In 24 Hours; Hours 8b-10a - The Poetic Books, Daniel, Esther
Chuck Missler overviews the poetic books of the Bible, and lays out the historical background for Israel's captivity in Babylon, reviewing Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther.

Learn The Bible In 24 Hours; Hours 10b-12a - Esther, Major Prophets, Minor Prophets
Chuck Missler shows God's constant hand in the prophetic books of the Old Testament in this overview of Israel's history and the prophecies still to be fulfilled.

Learn The Bible In 24 Hours; Hours 12b-14b - Minor Prophets, Messianic Thread, Introduction to New Testament
Chuck Missler details the obvious workmanship of God laid out in the Scriptures, and the amazing evidence that isolates Jesus Christ alone as the fulfillment of the Messianic prophecies.

Learn The Bible In 24 Hours; Hours 15a-17a - Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts
Chuck Missler reviews particular questions concerning the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ in this overview of the Gospels and Acts.

Learn The Bible In 24 Hours; Hours 17b-19b - Acts, Romans, Paul's Epistles
Chuck Missler continues his overview of the entire Bible as he brings together the books of Acts and Paul's epistles and shows the consistency of God's message.

Learn The Bible In 24 Hours; Hours 20a-22a - Hebrews to Revelation
Chuck Missler nears the end of his overview of the entire Bible as he studies the books from Hebrews to Revelation, considering many eschatological issues.

Learn The Bible In 24 Hours - Revelation, Conclusion
Chuck Missler covers the book of Revelation, connecting prophecies, symbolism, and world history, as he completes his overview of the entire Bible.

I wish to set forth that I am not molokan bashing
There are the 3 general groups within the molokan community

Group 1 - Christians: 66 Book, Jesus is fully God AND fully man and He is one of the members of the Tri-Hypostasis (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). He physically came to Earth and died on the Cross at Calvary for my sin. I cannot earn my way to Heaven by my works. It is by Grace I have been saved. (Reference Ephesians 2:8-10)
Group 2 - Traditionalists: You "make it" to Heaven through a "hodge-podge" of ceremony, works, lineage etc...This group is propagating a lie
Group 3 - Occultists: The 2 book, we're the "New Israel" because God changed His mind about the "old" Israel, we're of the woman of the seed, we have our "special" way to Heaven by MGR as our "new christ" + ceremony, works, lineage but when asked we cannot explain but will attempt to blame the "ecumenical 666 church" for something. This group is also propagating a lie

I have no doctrinal issues with Group 1. How can I? However, I do STRONGLY suggest anyone who is actively participating in the cult of molokanism to leave. They need to find a Bible teaching Church home and maybe view molokan cult meeting attendance as an outreach ministry. The cult of molokanism CANNOT be Church for the Christian

Traditionalists have replaced Jesus with ceremony, works, lineage etc...

Occultists have replaced Jesus with mgr/S & L

When I speak about molokans, the majority of the time, I'm referring to groups 2 & 3

We're not trying to prove all molokan's Scripturally incorrect rather, we are engaging groups 2 & 3 in the light of Scripture
**********End Disclaimer**********

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